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Fall in love with one of the most respected primary texts of the Tantra yoga philosophy: the Pratyabhijnahrdayam or “Heart of Recognition”.

We’ll study the main teachings of non-dual Tantra through this text. The focus is on liberating a current of awareness towards the Center/Heart; the main movement of Tantric thought.  The practice will focus on meditation and HOW to expand the experience of the Heart into daily life.

We’ll learn:

• Tantric practices, such as meditation, contemplation, and moment-by-moment awareness/consciousness of our patterns of action and thought in daily life.

• to apply the teachings to our practice of postural yoga and to the experience of life in general.

About our text:

The Pratyabhijnahrdayam or “Heart of Recognition” is an early 11th century text written by Kshemaraja, a premier sage of Kashmir Shaivism. 20 sutras present the essence of the Pratyabhijna school of Tantra, while also offering an overview of the main teachings and practices of non-dual Tantra.

Who Should Attend

All students of yoga are welcome!

Interested in the awakening of your own AWARENESS?

Curious about exploring the core elements of Tantric Yoga PHILOSOPHY?

Want to integrate the deeper yogic teachings to live life with more HEART?

Teachers:  receive 12 credit hours Anusara School of Hatha Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. AND/OR  12 Credit Hours  Yoga Alliance CEU’s

Class Schedule

Friday, Nov. 10
5:30-8:30 pm – Bill  — Existence as the unfolding of Consciousness. Understand the Tantric perspective about the nature of absolute Consciousness and its infinite powers. This allows us to learn more about our own individual awareness of the world and of ourselves.

Saturday, Nov. 11
9:00 am‑10:30 am – Tiff – Asana practice as an exploration of The Divine Within. Open to the pulsation that is the animation of Consciousness embodied. A playful and uptempo practice will explore expanding into your limitless possibilities. All levels practice.

11:00 am ‑ 1:00 pm – Bill — Individual awareness as a contracted form of absolute Consciousness.Here, we will inquire and discuss: if absolute Consciousness moves within me, why do I feel so small and limited?

2:30 pm – 6:30 pm – Bill — Ways to recognize absolute Consciousness within our own relative awareness. Topics here include the Tantric understanding various means of cultivating and responding to the awakening of absolute Consciousness within our own awareness.

Sunday, Nov. 12
9:00 am‑12:30 pm – Tiff and Bill — The Liberating Result of the Unfolding of Awareness. Useful practices will be taught to cultivate ways we can open our awareness to the bliss of absolute Consciousness from a Tantric perspective.

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