Note: With some exceptions, my teaching events will continue into 2023 to be online via Zoom. Anybody can participate from anywhere. Here are the dates of events currently scheduled.

More are being planned, so please return to this page for more information. You can also contact Beryl at [email protected], who will also have information as it develops.

The hours listed are in the local time of the events, so be sure to adjust them to your own time zone.

Please stay safe and well.

Friday and Saturday 14-15 January 2023.
11:00am–1:00pm and 2:00–5:45pm British time (6:00—8:00am and 9:00am–12:45pm Eastern time).
Philosophies of yoga compared with similar perspectives in Western cultures.
Produced by triyoga studios, London, in association with Anna Ashby’s and Jean Hall’s 2023 Advanced Teacher
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Saturday and Sunday 21-22 January 2023.
1300–1700 Western European Time (7:00–11:00am Eastern Time).
The philosophy of yoga, focussing on Nondual Tantra.
With Gisela Vázquez, who will lead āsana practice sessions integrated into the philosophy sessions.
Philosophy sessions will be presented in English, with Gisela’s expert simultaneous translation into Spanish.
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Friday evening and Saturday afternoon (Eastern) 24-25 February 2023.
Yoga philosophy, āsana practice, and contemplative discussion focussing on Nondual Tantra.
With Sarah Fischer.
More information will come shortly.